20 Minute Thrive Session - FREE!

Girl, you have big dreams and ambitious goals. Are you struggling with where to start making those positive shifts in your health & satisfaction with life? From weight loss to stress management, I am so here to help! I invite you to schedule an absolutely free, no-strings-attached call with me. We'll dive into your goals, struggles, and I'll help you identify an action step you can take RIGHT NOW to start the momentum toward better health and happiness! You don't even need to leave your home! These calls are held online via Zoom or by phone (your choice!). Get in your comfy yoga pants, pour yourself a cup of tea and let's have some girl talk focused around making your life the best it can be!


What My Thrive Session Lovelies are Saying:

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-Elly, Illinois


-Amber, Illinois

I was struggling with gastrointestinal issues and stress when I met with Mary. The most valuable takeaway she helped me realize is that there are little, simple things I can do that will make a big difference in how I feel. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us how to take better care of ourselves; it's too easy to forget how unnatural some of our modern routines are! I also liked that Mary addressed the effects of the menstrual cycle. As women, we're basically taught to ignore it and not talk about it, go on with your day as if it's not happening.. so we aren't used to paying attention to our bodies, which is so important!


At the time of our Thrive Session, I struggled with my weight, having a healthy relationship with food, and making myself a priority. Mary was very encouraging in not only making myself a priority, but in learning to love food (in a healthy way) and love myself for who I am. It was almost like therapy! :) Some of us need accountability and someone to help us work through questions or thought processes when it comes to our health. I would recommend working with Mary!